Best Business To Start in 2021 and beyond.  Because Starting a storm damage repair business  is an awesome business opportunity.  But, It’s one of the best business to start with little money. And, it is a storm damage repair business. that  can make a fortune . But, more importantly you’ll be helping other people in their time of need. In fact, you can earn six-figures annually in about six months or less every year. Year after year! An insurance claim Storm damage repair business is a proven highly profitable business that you can use to make money any time storms damage property. Some people call this business an Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor.

Best Business To Start: Why Becoming an Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor Is An Different Than A Normal Roofing Company.

Let’s look at the differences.

Normal Roofing Business VS Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors

Normal Roofing Companies:

Most everyday roofing companies charge on a per square basis just like I did for many years. I would just measure a prospective customers roof and times the amount of squares by $100. That was the going rate back then. It did not matter how difficult the roofs were. whether you could easily walk on them or not. Whether it was a 1 story or 2 story home or, whether it was difficult or easy to access. That was the going rate back then and my brother and I made a decent living at that price.

Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor:

What Is An Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor? Insurance claim specialist are different than roofers.  Mainly because they’ve taken time to learn how to about the insurance claim process.  They differ because they itemize their estimates.  In fact,  insurance claim specialist itemize their estimates just like the adjusters.

Why Insurance Claim Specialist Itemize Their Estimates

After roofing for many years  I became a licensed property insurance adjuster.  Which led to me becoming an Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor.  It is a simple proven highly profitable business opportunity that you can make you a lot of money when storms damage property.  You can make money when floods damage property;  when tornadoes damage property; when it hails, when there are hurricanes, or even when there is fire damage to properties.

Why Becoming An Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor Is The Best Business To Start:

Not only can you make a six-figure annually income in about six months. You can help other people in their time of need. I can’t remember how many people  that literally thanked me for helping them after a catastrophe.

Why People Appreciate Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors:

Most people are very busy and when storms hit they normally cause damage to more than roofs. Insurance claim specialists can handle everything for you, from start to completion. Not only can they handle replacing your roof but they can complete all of your repairs.  Roofs; siding; gutters and, miscellaneous repairs. Plus, Insurance Claim Specialist contractors work for insurance proceeds. Meaning all you will pay them to complete all of your repairs is what ever amount your insurance company allowed, plus your deductible.

But Why Should You Listen To Me?

Who Am I?

My name is Samuel Stinson and theses are the facts: I started roofing with my older brother at his company when I was only 13 years old. We use to charge everyone the same amount per square which was $100 dollars per square. It didn’t matter how steep the roofs were or, how many stories the roof was. Or, even how difficult they were to replace.

I later became a property Insurance Adjuster. After becoming a property adjuster and working for many well known insurance companies like State Farm , American Family and All State… Needless to say I learned what they would pay for.

Working Storms Also Known As Catastrophes


Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors can easily make a six-figure income any time storms damage property. Not only can you make a six-figure income but you can do it at no cost to the property owner except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible. I know this because I was an insurance claim specialist contractor myself for 15 years.


After a catastrophe, local companies often complain that Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors are storm chasers.  The truth is they feel threatened by Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors. They fear that the Insurance Claim Specialist Contractors are coming from out of town stealing their jobs. But the fact is they’ve learned how to get people everything that they are entitled to receive from their insurance company.

Make Money When Foods Damage Property

Best Business To Start: Make Money When Hail storms Damage Property

Make Money When There Is a Hail Storm

So Why This is Best Business To Start in 2020 and beyond.

It’s a known fact that hail causes  approximately one billion dollars in damages annually in the United States alone to houses; cars; crops and, literally anything in its path. Learn how to become an insurance claim specialist contractor and make an additional 20% above the final contract price. You will learn exactly how I’ve done this for many years. Year after year. Charging exactly what insurance companies pay! Get the best price for Best Businesses to Start plus the discount & Bonuses!

Make Money Chasing Hail: hail repair business is the best business to start in 2020 and beyond!

But Average Hail Claim Prices

Average homeowner hail claims range between $7,500 and $15,000.00 while commercial claims can easily exceed $100,000.00.

Overhead & Profit

This means in the above example an average homeowner hail claim would pay $9,000.00 for a $7,500.00 claim. And, a $15,000.00 claim would pay $3,000.00 over and above the final contract price to the contractor for a grand total of $18,000.00.

What You Will Get

with this system: The E-book has helpful links to very valuable information you can use  to make money. Including links to find damaged areas. Check out Today’s Storm Reports . Bowes through the dates for a better understanding of how to quickly find damaged areas.

Best Business To Start: How to Become an Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor Ebook

Best Business To Start-Plus Excel Estimate Writing Software

See Video Demo below: The software keeps a running total so, all you need to do is enter the quantities needed and select tab. You can create awesome high-quality estimates and give them out on the spot.

But These Tools Are Needed For Giving Estimates Out On the Spot.

1: Windows Laptop. 2: Printer With Ink cartridges & Paper. 3: Power Supply & &  power Inverter. 4: Microsoft Excel.

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can download a Free Copy Of Microsoft Excel at Amazon by clicking here.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 [Open Source Download]

So Why am I telling other people about this system?

Unfortunately for me I was hit head on by a drunk driver while vacationing with my family in Gatlinburg TN. The wreck injured my brain causing me to have a major disabling stroke. As a result of the wreck I am no longer able to work any more.

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