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Free 700k website Unleashed: Viral Wiz’s Stuffs His Inbox With 500+ A Day On Autopilot! FREE 700K Website Review:  How writing articles and giving them to others can drive traffic to your website. It sounds counterintuitive but it works.  You can pre-sell customers and drive them to your website. The idea behind it is that other sites have what you want: a proven pool of customers who are looking for products and information that you have. In other words, they’re pre-sold on your products. All you have to do is show them the right item and you’ve got them.

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Download  Monster Mode’s 700k system Now! Bryan Winters is the creator of this awesome 700K system.  He developed it so even newbies  can start making money the same day! It’s free but there is a catch.  Anyone who optins will need to send some traffic to their new website to get the traffic started.

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How do you reach these pre-sold customers?

By proving that you know your stuff, and then giving them an easy way to reach your products, like a direct link to your website.  The best way you can demonstrate to someone that you know your stuff is through communication.   And,the primary way to communicate online is through writing.

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FREE 700K Website Review: Your Cash Plugins Status

Therefore, that if people read what you have written and are impressed. It stands to reason, they’re going to expect that you know what you’re talking about.

So you try to reach as many people with your words as you can. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

The Concept: Giving Away Your Words

The one thing that everyone is hungry for online is great quality content.  Not just words, but words that tell people something they didn’t know before. Information on a new product, a new use for an old one, consumer information, etc. Think about it if someone asked you to put a good article on your website For example, suppose you sell paintball guns and related products.  There is a surprisingly large online community for these items. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, not many people who have really good content on the sports surrounding paintball. The sites that do have great information are very popular indeed with aficionados.

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