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From: Samuel Stinson

Dear Friend,

RSS feeds are slowly, but surely taking over the web.  People are discovering their power to add quality content to their sites and communicate with website visitors.

People are ditching static websites and creating frequently updated blogs for higher search engine rankings.

However, along with this new way of communicating, people are forgetting about the goldmine of content they’ve already created.

All of those HTML pages that you invested countless hours of time in are just sitting, collecting dust.  But,…

What If You Could Revitalize Your Old Dusty Web Pages By Converting Them Into RSS Format?

You could then have your old content syndicated across the web.  On your websites, on others’ sites, and in thousands of customers that use RSS readers to keep up to date with their favorites sites!

All of this is now possible with a new tool called, “My RSS Converter.”  This simple tool allows you to take any HTML webpage and convert it into RSS with a few clicks of a button!

This tool is perfect for both beginner and advanced users, as it takes you through the process step by step.

All you have to do is fill in a few blanks!

Here’s The Full Range of Benefits This Tool Provides:

  Allows you to convert HTML pages that are either online or located on your computer into RSS.  All of your old web pages are quickly put into RSS format for distribution!

  Gets more targeted traffic by syndicating the quality content from your web pages.  As a result, your other sites are filled with fresh content search engines love!

  Increases the amount of people that remember your pages!  People can import your RSS feeds into their RSS readers so you get more repeat traffic!

 Strips HTML tags in order to retain strict RSS syntax with optional “smart” technology.  Your RSS feeds are in a usable format you don’t have to touch!

  Stores unlimited RSS feeds so that you can quickly go back and edit them anytime you want!  It only takes seconds to update your RSS feeds with the latest content you want to distribute!

  Offers the ability to divide your web pages into multiple entries!  This means your pages can be separated into readable chunks that people more easily consume!

  Automatically selects your entry titles based on selected “start and stop” HTML tags you enter. This means the titles of your entries are going to be relevant so you don’t have to edit anything in your RSS feeds to make them readable!

  Plus, much more!

User Guide

Simply put, it all comes down to this…

Imagine What’s Going To Happen When All of Your Old Content Starts Producing More Cold Hard Cash!

You don’t have go out and hire new writers or work yourself to death trying to create all of your content yourself.

You can get more quality content so you rise in the search engines by cashing-in on the work you’ve already done!

What’s more, you don’t have to shell out a fortune.  Your copy of My RSS Converter is only $47.  This is a small investment to quickly and easily get all of your HTML content producing more results.

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Samuel Stinson

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